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i know i haven’t blogged much. in fact i’ve neglected my blogs. i almost disappear from social media scene, with very rare and random tweets and instagrams here and there.

i didn’t intend on a break nor hiatus. hence i never make such announcement, because i know i could change my mind the moment i do it. the only excuse is now, i’m just… unmotivated. i don’t know if i should continue or stop blogging. there are times when i thought oh i’m going to blog about this or that, but when i’m in front of my computer, i just stare at my screen. then i’d rather spend my time doing aimless stuffs in wow.

i still play the game even though i don’t raid anymore. i think the game is boring now. the only reason i’m still playing is because the husband plays. it’s one of the things we do together.

there are some positive side effects of stop blogging for a while, especially beauty blogging. i buy less. i haven’t read beauty blogs for a while and there are less chance of temptations for me to lust after things. i keep on using what i have and only buy things i really need (ok, that also include some very rare lusting items i really ‘need’, but they were on irresistible offers and i have skipped many irresistible offers!)

as some of you know i haven’t been working for quite a while, after involuntarily quitting my job at the end of 2012. i tried to look for a while but became unmotivated after some unsuccessful applications. my continual insomniac problem was also one of the reasons. it was until last x’mas i decided i couldn’t lead ‘this kind’ of life anymore and started actively looking in the new year. there were some very promising interviews but failed in the end. there are always more ‘suitable’ candidates than me. i signed up with a freelance agency because getting projects on my own is so hard without connection. i haven’t been assigned to worked on many projects and the pay isn’t that great. not enough to pay the bills but it’s better than nothing. i’ll keep trying.

another reason that prompted me to actively looking for job besides the financial factor is because according to some online test i landed on randomly a while ago i have some form of depression. i was alarmed by the result and started to review some of my behaviors. no i haven’t seek professional help because 1) i don’t know how accurate and professional those forms are, 2) i don’t think i’m as serious as the result says, and 3) it’s going to cost money. i may be wrong but as long as i’m aware there’s a possibility i should be fine for the moment.

my 2013 wasn’t any better.

still not much done this year.

too many insomniac nights. i had med that helped me to sleep but that only helped 1st time round. 2nd time round it didn’t help much. i gave up.

i’ve been very very unmotivated. that really shows on my neglected blog. there were some server issues and i’m unmotivated to fix them too.

i hope things will be better in 2014.

currently playing again and again on my music player.



過去很熟悉 現在不懂你
想看你眼睛 你卻給我背影
就像滿天星 都跌進大海裡
我被放逐的心 又要往那裡去

我們在也回不去了 對不對

眼看就要讓滿心遺憾 為愛受罪
不能去怪誰 頂多只能掉眼淚

如果問原因 可能更承受不起
若就這樣離去 我又很難平靜
從你的淚滴 我找到被愛過的證據
有衝動想哭泣 只好緊緊抱你

for some reason pretty girl thinks we need a new car (or just another car).

she suggested daddy to get a toyota.

she started to recognize cars recently. the boy could do it when he was 4. i tried to teach her made of car at that age but she wasn’t interested back then. i don’t think she’s interested in cars. it was more the fun of recognize the made of cars.

so it happens almost everywhere we go there are many toyota’s. maybe that’s why she wanted one.

daddy said, “but mommy might not like toyota.”

she said, “tell mommy, if she doesn’t want a toyota, you’ll buy a volvo.”

what’s worse???

pretty girl said when she grows up and gets her license, she’s going to get cars in the following order:

1. bmw

2. volkswagen

3. volvo

when she said her 3rd preference, she added, “i’m going to scare mommy!” and giggled.

you know what we said about volvo drivers. i love to overact when i talk about volvo. oh no, volvo driver! oh no, there’s volvo next to me, i’m so scared…

apparently scaring mommy is very funny. :/ the boy did the same when he was at this age.

of course, she later changed her option slightly.

the 3rd place was replaced with 4wd, after daddy explained what 4wd can do. she said she want 4wd to take her kids to special places.

she then added, volvo will be 4th. to scare mommy.


one of my favorite songs. the music is nice but i love the lyrics more. so romantic.

ps. it’s kinda scary to think songs i used to listen has become classics.



輕輕的我將離開你 請將眼角的淚拭去
漫漫長夜裡 未來日子裡 親愛的你別為我哭泣
前方的路雖然太淒迷 請在笑容裡為我祝福
雖然迎著風 雖然下著雨 我在風雨之中念著你

沒有你的日子裡 我會更加珍惜自己
沒有我的歲月裡 你要保重你自己

你問我何時歸故里 我也輕聲地問自己
不是在此時 不知在何時 我想大約會是在冬季
不是在此時 不知在何時 我想大約會是在冬季

it was pretty girl’s birthday. she couldn’t wait to tell the whole world about it.

school term started this week. she said she told her teacher on first day of school that her birthday was coming up.

i told her to keep a secret about her cake. (it’s not a big deal. i just wanted to play secret.) she went, oops… i asked her how many people did she tell. she said, a few… i only tell A, B, C, D, E, F, G… almost all the girls in her class! yeah, that’s a few…

since the beginning of the year she had been asking for different things for her birthday. some of which include expensive toys that aren’t available in australia, like a specific lala loopsy doll (i think it’s so ugly but she thinks it’s really cute).

until a few weeks ago she saw a children’s novel at kmart that she really wanted to get. i said it won’t be a surprise anymore! she said, i’ll pretend i know nothing about it. that novel also has a sequel that she wanted. she suggested to get that for xmas. she’ll also pretend she didn’t know about it.

i’m happy to buy the novels since i can’t find that specific lala loopsy doll anywhere unless i get it online.

plus i don’t have to worry about her xmas gift. yay!

anyway, as with the keeping secret game… after knowing the kind of cake i ordered, she was so dying to tell her friends at school next day. i thought she couldn’t do it. she did! wow! that must be really difficult!

but this morning, when she had piano lesson, i heard she told the piano teacher that it was her birthday the day before and mommy bought her a yummy chocolate cake etc etc. ha!

so… my girl is now 8. can’t believe my baby has grown so much!

the husband and i argue sometimes. but they weren’t real arguments. they were like, well, how we get along.

it was shocking when pretty girl asked, “will you separate?” it happened last year.

we never used terms like separate nor divorce. we don’t have many friends in such situation. we didn’t have to deal with it. it was shocking she used it. it was from her friends. as far as i know, one of her friend’s parents were divorced.

tonight we had another “argument”. she giggled.

the husband asked her, “do you think we’ll separate?”

she replied, “nah. mommy has no job. she has no money. she won’t leave you.”

this is another quick and easy meal perfect for lazy people.

my kids had been asking for mac and cheese but i’ve been reluctant to cook anything that requires oven because it uses a lot of energy, ie expensive energy bill. for those living in sydney, or even in australia, you know how crazy energy bills are. they keep rising and rising!

while browsing through youtube for snack ideas, i came across this video about using rice cooker to make mac and cheese. what a brilliant idea!

using rice cooker sounds more energy efficient than using oven, right?

the rice cooker i use is different from the rice cooker in the video and most rice cookers you find in stores. it uses steam to cook rice. mom bought this from taiwan 20+ years ago. it was still in a box until i moved into my house about 9 years ago. and that’s the only rice cooker i know how to cook rice. any other rice cookers, rice never come out right.

anyway, back to mac and cheese. i made some modifications to the original recipes to some numbers i can remember easily and to work with my rice cooker.

here’s what you need

  • 1 C elbow macaroni (or any small size pasta)
  • 1 C water (or stock)
  • 1 C milk (or fresh cream)
  • 1 C shredded cheese


  • cook macaroni and water with pinch of salt in rice cooker for 15 minutes. note that you may not need salt if you use soup stock.
  • add milk. let it cook for another 10 - 12 mins.
  • add shredded cheese. stir it through.
  • serve. 

this serves 2 as snack. but for my teenage son, this is enough as after school snack to fill him up until dinner.

the original recipe adds cheese with milk, but i find that cheese doesn’t taste that great when cooked for that long. so i added it in before serve to get the cheesy flavor.

the original recipe also says to cook 20 minutes after adding milk. i find that it’s too dry. my kids prefer the macaroni moist. if you prefer drier texture, cook longer.

pumpkin soup is one of my favorite dish in winter. it’s so warm and filling.

i sort of learned how to make it from a friend. sort of because i don’t know all the ingredients she used. i later tried it myself with major ingredients and skipped herbs. it tasted good, so i never asked her for the recipe.

nowadays my best friend google will take me to a million sites with various versions. i still stick to my lazy version!

here’s what you need:

part 1:

  • 1/2 peanut pumpkin- cut into 1 inch cubes
  • 2 - 3 potatoes - cut into 1 inch cubes
  • 1 large onion - cut into 4 parts
  • pot of water - enough the cover the above
  • pinch of salt

part 2:

  • fresh cream - 500ml

note that i don’t know the difference with different kinds of pumpkins. i choose peanut pumpkin because it’s easier to skin off than the big pumpkins aka the ones you carve for halloween. skin the pumpkin… that’s the only part i’m not too fond of.

as for potatoes, it’s about equal parts to pumpkins. this will be quite filling. add more or less to suit your meal.

as for fresh cream, plus and minus the amount according to your taste.


  • boil ingredients in part 1 and bring down heat and simmer for about 15-20 minutes. 
  • use hand blender to blend everything until smooth.
  • pour the blended soup to another pot through a sift
  • heat the soup again.
  • add cream.
  • serve.

this usually makes about 2L of pumpkin soup. good to serve family of 4.

i like to serve with spoonful of sour cream and some shredded cheese to the soup.