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i g00gled this song after someone sang it at a singing competition program from china. i then realized i heard of it many years ago but it didn’t get my attention.

i’m not sandy lam fans so that probably explains it. i mean, i like some of her music, just not a hard core fans.

i fall in love with the song listening to it again so many years later. i’m mainly being touched by the lyrics. i love it so much that it’s currently on repeat mode on my music player.

the song, of course, is about love. the love you had many years ago. many years later, the person you once loved came back. you want to see the him/her but you’re afraid of seeing him/her. you could only keep that love inside you.



在朋友那兒聽說 痴心的你曾回來過
想請他替我向你問候 只為了怕見了說不出口
曾讓我心碎的你 我依然深愛著

在朋友那兒聽說 痴心的你曾找過我
我要他幫我對你隱瞞 只是怕見了面會更難過
曾給我幸福的你 我依然深深愛著

我卻只能把你 把你放在我心中

對你的聲音 你的影 你的手
我只能說我有些難過 我也真心真意的等過

this is one of my favorite song back in the days and still love it. this unplugged version gives a different feel to the cd version.

"Spending my time
Watching the days go by
Feeling so small
I stare at the wall
Hoping that you are missing me too “

we go through this at some point of our lives. if you’ve never gone through it, lucky you!

i heard this song from a taiwanese program and loved it.

this song 像天堂的懸崖 (cliff to heaven) is by 李佳薇 Jess Lee, a malaysian born singer now working in taiwan. she raise to fame via singing competitions and wow, her voice is very good and powerful. i think she sings better live too.

i’m disappointed with the music video though. too much s*x. this is a song of hopelessness. you seem to have it but you don’t know if you get it. everything is between going to heaven and jumping off the cliff.

bust seriously, using s*x to representing it and in almost every single scene… i don’t know if they’re trying to stir up controversial discussion or what. there’s a 10-min mini-movie version of it which gives a better storyline, but still…

putting my dislike of the music video aside, even if you don’t understand chinese, the music is nice and you can feel the powerful hopelessness through her voice. and if you want to release your emotion and cry, this is it.



你留的感動 你留的感傷
都一起打包 都寄給遺忘
整潔的房間 寬了一半的床
單身的牙刷 像低頭在想

多真心的給予 多貼心的迴響
靠一點點美好 撐長長的迷惘
終究會走到 得分岔的地方

不再幻想 你的花海

最怕夜裡 浪漫燈海

時間在趕路 回憶在擺盪
音樂在流淚 歌詞在療傷
腦袋夠懂事 但內心不長大
復原才很難 情緒才複雜

多醉心的擁吻 多開心的凝望
是什麼搶奪 你給我的太陽
用淡淡的祈禱 撐濃濃的絕望
憑什麼逃離 像影子的悲傷

不再幻想 你的花海

最怕夜裡 浪漫燈海

最難耐 的傷害 是不放 又不愛

let it go. let it go. can’t hold it back anymore.

recently i watched frozen and fell in love with this song. i’ve heard of this song before watching but didn’t take too much notice until i watched it.

it goes so well with the story line. i wish i can do the same. let it go and don’t have to hold back anything anymore.

wouldn’t life be perfect if we don’t have to hold back anything and leave everything behind?

in reality there can be so many consequences if you don’t hold back and can only be put up with what’s going on.

and there are too many responsibilities to leave.

at the moment this song is therapeutic. listening to it when i’m frustrated and mentally i’m letting whatever-bothering-me go. it’s better than nothing.

"Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don’t care
what they’re going to say”

currently repeating on my music player.

it’s a sad song. the name of the song literally translates to “i thought…”

it’s one of the songs from a taiwanese drama “autumn’s concerto” (下一站, 幸福). a typical love story where the couple couldn’t be together. and typically with a storyline where someone loved and supported the leading actress but she loved the leading actor.

this song is the song for that someone. who loved and supported her all these years. when he finally thought he touched her and she would be with him, she chose to forgive and be with the man who broke her heart. the lyrics perfectly described his disappointment and broken heart.

from what i read from gossip mags, the actor who played this someone became quite popular. it seemed to be almost every girl’s dream to have a man who loves her that much. unfortunately the role of this someone is a backup. a backup, after all, is just a backup. theoretically it’s nice to have but realistically it’s a burden. no one would be a backup for life, even though the person might meant it when he/she said it. agree?

even if you don’t understand the lyrics, the music is awesome.



妳曾說不想有天讓我知道 妳對他 有那麼好
妳說會懂 我的失落 不是靠寬容 就能夠解脫

我以為我出現的時候剛好 妳和他 正說要分開
我以為妳 己對他不再期待 不縱容他 再給妳傷害

我以為我的溫柔 能給妳整個宇宙 我以為我能全力 填滿妳感情的缺口
專心陪在妳左右 彌補他一切的錯 也許我太過天真 以為奇蹟會發生

我以為終究妳會慢慢明白 他的心 已不在妳身上
我的關心 妳依然無動於衷 我的以為 只是我以為

我以為我的溫柔 能給妳整個宇宙 我以為我能全力 填滿妳感情的缺口
專心陪在妳左右 彌補他一切的錯 也許我太過天真 以為奇蹟會發生

他讓妳紅了眼眶 妳卻還笑著原諒
我以為我夠堅強 卻一天天的失望
少給我一點希望 希望就不是奢望

大城小事 by leon lai. this is the male version of the song in previous post. same pleasant music. slight variation to the lyrics. different taste.



大概是我失憶 並沒記起我做過的事

未來別擔心 道別已經這樣近

無回憶的餘生 忘掉往日情人 
無回憶的男人 願你不必再憐憫 

吻下來 豁出去 這吻別似覆水 
再回頭 更唏噓 如曾經不登對 

能從頭開始 跪在教堂說願意

娛樂行的人影 還在繼續繁榮 
沒探測出我們已 已再見不再認

吻下來 豁出去 這吻別似覆水 
你下來 我出去 講再會也心虛 
吻下來 豁出去 從前多麼登對 

one my current favorite songs that’s repeating on my music player. “小城大事” by miriam yeung 楊千嬅.

the music from this song comes from one of the background musics from the movie 大城小事 (“leaving me, loving you”, starring leon lai and faye wong) but has nothing to do with the main story line. the song was released after the movie.

initially i thought it has to do with the movie and i searched everywhere for the movie, and was quite disappointed after watching it. the lyric makes me heartache but the the movie is so plain and ordinary. ie, boring. well, things in real life are usually plain and ordinary but when it’s in a movie you expect something more dramatic and you don’t find this element in the movie. not to mention, i hate faye wong’s hair in the movie.



自你患上失憶 便是我扭轉命數的事

像狐狸精般 並未允許我步近

無回憶的餘生 忘掉往日情人
無回憶的男人 就當偷厄與瞞騙

吻下來 豁出去 這吻別似覆水
再回頭 你不許 如曾經不登對

能從頭開始 跪在教堂說願意

娛樂行的人影 還在繼續繁榮
人造的蠢衛星 沒探測出我們已

吻下來 豁出去 這吻別似覆水
我下來 你出去 講再會也心虛
吻下來 豁出去 從前多麼登對

i know i haven’t blogged much. in fact i’ve neglected my blogs. i almost disappear from social media scene, with very rare and random tweets and instagrams here and there.

i didn’t intend on a break nor hiatus. hence i never make such announcement, because i know i could change my mind the moment i do it. the only excuse is now, i’m just… unmotivated. i don’t know if i should continue or stop blogging. there are times when i thought oh i’m going to blog about this or that, but when i’m in front of my computer, i just stare at my screen. then i’d rather spend my time doing aimless stuffs in wow.

i still play the game even though i don’t raid anymore. i think the game is boring now. the only reason i’m still playing is because the husband plays. it’s one of the things we do together.

there are some positive side effects of stop blogging for a while, especially beauty blogging. i buy less. i haven’t read beauty blogs for a while and there are less chance of temptations for me to lust after things. i keep on using what i have and only buy things i really need (ok, that also include some very rare lusting items i really ‘need’, but they were on irresistible offers and i have skipped many irresistible offers!)

as some of you know i haven’t been working for quite a while, after involuntarily quitting my job at the end of 2012. i tried to look for a while but became unmotivated after some unsuccessful applications. my continual insomniac problem was also one of the reasons. it was until last x’mas i decided i couldn’t lead ‘this kind’ of life anymore and started actively looking in the new year. there were some very promising interviews but failed in the end. there are always more ‘suitable’ candidates than me. i signed up with a freelance agency because getting projects on my own is so hard without connection. i haven’t been assigned to worked on many projects and the pay isn’t that great. not enough to pay the bills but it’s better than nothing. i’ll keep trying.

another reason that prompted me to actively looking for job besides the financial factor is because according to some online test i landed on randomly a while ago i have some form of depression. i was alarmed by the result and started to review some of my behaviors. no i haven’t seek professional help because 1) i don’t know how accurate and professional those forms are, 2) i don’t think i’m as serious as the result says, and 3) it’s going to cost money. i may be wrong but as long as i’m aware there’s a possibility i should be fine for the moment.

my 2013 wasn’t any better.

still not much done this year.

too many insomniac nights. i had med that helped me to sleep but that only helped 1st time round. 2nd time round it didn’t help much. i gave up.

i’ve been very very unmotivated. that really shows on my neglected blog. there were some server issues and i’m unmotivated to fix them too.

i hope things will be better in 2014.

currently playing again and again on my music player.



過去很熟悉 現在不懂你
想看你眼睛 你卻給我背影
就像滿天星 都跌進大海裡
我被放逐的心 又要往那裡去

我們在也回不去了 對不對

眼看就要讓滿心遺憾 為愛受罪
不能去怪誰 頂多只能掉眼淚

如果問原因 可能更承受不起
若就這樣離去 我又很難平靜
從你的淚滴 我找到被愛過的證據
有衝動想哭泣 只好緊緊抱你